Foundation Isolation Systems 

Based on 30 years of experience in installing foundation isolation systems in semiconductor fabrication plants, DAEIL SYSTEMS guarantees delivering the highest quality products and improves throughput of semiconductor manufacturing by controlling vibrations.

Vibration Isolator

The choice of vibration isolators varies with the required vibration criteria of users' equipment. if the passive vibration isolators does not meet the vibration criteria, the active vibration isolators will be mounted.



Raised floor in fab will be replaced with Steel plates/honeycomb breadboard/concrete platforms. 


The structure of supports are made of extremely rigid steel and they are filled with concrete to maximize stability, rigidity and stiffness.  

Installation of Foundation Isolation Systems in Clean Rooms

Firstly, we construct a foundation isolation system underneath the raised floors where vibration-sensitive semiconductor equipment will be installed on.

1 cm gap between the isolated platform and the surrounding raised floor.

After establishing the foundation vibration isolation system, we replace a section of the raised floor with our platform. The isolated platform will not be affected by vibrations occurring from surrounding raised floors. Now, the semiconductor equipment can yield its best performance without being disturbed by vibrations. 


DVIF installed in a semiconductor fab

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