DOTE + Filter + DVIO_4
DOTE + Filter + DVIO_3
DOTE + Filter + DVIO_5
DOTE + Filter + DVIO_1
DOTE (Transparent acrylic panels) 1
Black Enclosure#2
Black Enclosure#3
DOTE (1)


Table Enclosure

  • Built with durable aluminum frames and acrylic panels, our optical table enclosures protect sensitive instruments from acoustic vibrations, thermal gradients and lights.

  • The frames can be either installed directly onto the optical tops or free standing on the floor.

  • Sliding or hinged doors, overhead shelves and holes for electric cables as options are available. 

  • Supplied dismantled for a field assembly.

  • Besides below listed models, different sizes, materials and optional items are available upon customers' requirements.

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