Advanced Pneumatic Vibration Mount

DVIM Series is a subsystem used in equipment with linear stages to both minimize floor vibrations and the residual vibrations from after the stage motions occur.  DVIM-G offers the fastest payload settling time,  predominant vibration isolation and superior damping among DVIM Series. 

Predominant Vibration Isolation 

DVIM-G employs the special mechanical filter system and unique design to obtain its low natural frequency of 1.0 Hz - 1.2 Hz, delivering   vibrations from a floor effectively. 

Two-Chamber Design & Variable Orifice

The two-chamber system of DVIM-G consists an air chamber and a damping chamber connected with two orifices: a variable orifice located outside of the chambers and an internal orifice located inside the chambers. These orifices control air flow between these chambers, which increases damping efficiency and reduces settling time. When a stage motion occurs, the air chamber makes a restoring force, and the air flows into the damping chamber through the orifices. These orifices dissipate energy and disturbances in the air, which results in damping the system and reducing the pay load settling time.

Precision Leveling Valves for Faster Settling Time & Re-leveling Accuracy

Our three two-way leveling valves  automatically re-level systems, offers a wide range of valves options starting from the standard valve with repeatability of ±0.1 mm to the precise valve with repeatability of ±0.05 mm. In addition, adding A.O.V valves to DVIM-G, enables the isolators to settle the entire system rapidly in both vertical and horizontal axis by controlling the air flow, after the heavy stages motion occur.  

External G-Oil Damper for Faster Settling Time

When DVIM-G vibration isolation mounts are equipped with the external oil dampers, the movements of X-Y linear stages are  minimized, the payload settling time is reduced, and stiffness of the vibration isolation mount is signifacntly increased. 


  • Inspection Equipment with Motion Systems

  • Semiconductor/FPD Manufacturing Inspection Equipment

  • Optical Laser Equipment

  • OEM 


Vibration Isolation : Pneumatic isolation 
Natural frequency : Vertical 1.5–1.7 Hz, Horizontal : 1.2 – 1.5 Hz

Vibration Isolation : 80% at 5 Hz / 90 – 99% at 10 Hz (without oil damper)

Leveling: Automatic Leveling 

Leveling Repeatability: Precision Leveling Valve: ±0.05 mm, Standard Leveling Valve: ±1.0 mm

Damping: Variable/Internal Orifices, Two-Chamber System, External Oil Damper(Option) 


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Ordering Charts

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