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DVID-L series laboratory tables are extremely useful in physical, chemical and biological sciences laboratories seeking passive vibration control in their experimentation. This series is equipped with automatic leveling. When used along with ISO-S1 pneumatic vibration isolators, these laboratory tables provide outstanding vibration control in both vertical as well as horizontal directions.

In addition, these tables have an ergonomic design with open front and arm rests for increased efficiency and comfort in work environment. To meet a variety of purposes and requirements, customization of size and location of isolated platform and accessories like monitor stand, keyboard shelf, drawer unit, under shelf, sliding shelf and electric outlet are available.


Vibration isolation performance varies with types of pneumatic isolators. ISO-S isolator has the lower natural frequency meaning it reduces more vibrations in the low-frequency range than ISO-S1, however, ISO-S1 isolator is a bit stiffer than ISO-S, indicating more stability than ISO-S, and supports heavier payloads thatn ISO-S isolator. 


DVID-L (Workspace Type)

DVID-L (Armrest Type)

Ordering Information for Workspace Type

DVID-L-1209-L/R 600-750H

total height

area of workspace

L: workspace on left side

R: workspace on right side

isolated area (W1 x D1)

Ordering Charts (Workspace Type)

*Custom dimensions and configurations are available upon request.

Ordering Information for Armrest Type


total height 

isolated area (W1 x D1)

Ordering Charts (Armrest Type)


DVID-L Lab Workstation

COXEM Tabletop SEM installed on DVID-L workspace type

DVID-L with Olympus Confocal Mi

Olympus Confocal Microscope installed on DVID-L workspace type

DVID-L Labworkstation

GBS Industrial Metrology Tool installed DVID-L with workspace

DVID-L Lab Workstation

White light interferometer installed on DVID-L workspace type

DVID-L with Mini SEM

COXEM Tabletop SEM installed on DVID-L armrests type

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