Optical Workstation 

DAEIL's laboratory tables offer ideal workstations with outstanding vibration control for a variety of laboratory-based experiments within chemical, physical, biological and life science areas.

  • The honeycomb breadboards enable users to mount their equipment or optical components and  ISO-S1, the pneumatic vibration isolators provides the excellent vibration isolation performance in both vertical & horizontal directions.

  • Three-two leveling valves systems automatically maintain the table level.

  • We take ergonomics into consideration, an open-front design and arm rests not only enables the seated users to work comfortably but also increases productivity.

  • To meet a variety of customers' purposes and requirements, we offer a customization of all DVID-L Series and accessories: monitor stand, keyboard shelf, drawer unit, under shelf, sliding shelf, electric outlet.



ISO-S1 Transmissibility

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