Pneumatic Supports 

(Self-Standing Type)

The primary goal of designing vibration isolators is to lower the natural frequency of isolators as low as possible, in order to filter ambient vibrations in buildings, before the vibrations can reach and disturb the optical tops. Our integrated pneumatic supports achieve in isolating the low frequency vibrations through the two-chamber vibration isolators and high damping technology. 


Effective damping by the two chamber system

Our pneumatic vibration isolator consists the two chambers system to effectively damp the optical table. The first chamber is an air chamber that is sealed with a diaphragm, enclosing a piston to support the optical table by creating a restoring force. The air chamber size is minimized to lower the natural frequency. The second chamber is a damping chamber which is linked with the air chamber through a orifice. As the air chamber makes the restoring force, the air flows into the damping chamber, and the orifice dissipate disturbances in the air, which fundamentally damps the whole system and increases the system stability. 

Pendulum piston for superior vibration isolation 

Our unique design of piston forms a friction-less pendulum system to provide a horizontal isolation of very low frequency vibrations.  As the optical table moves sideways, the horizontal movement is converted into the pendulum motion that causes zero frictional resistance to the movement and damp the system horizontally.

Superb leveling repeatability

Three two-way leveling valves system maintains a level of the optical table and stabilizes the system by adding and dissipating air in the pneumatic isolators. Our leveling valves automatically relevel the optical table, offering a wide range of valves options starting from the standard valve with repeatability of ±1.0 mm to the precise valve with repeatability of ±0.05 mm.

Variable isolator sizes

We offer a variety of pneumatic isolators with load capacities ranging from 200 to 3000 kg. We substantially study customers' equipment and take their opinions into account to provide the right isolators to support the weight of customers' equipment on the table.

Preventing amplifying vibirations

Since self-standing supports are separated from each other, the support do not transmit vibrations to another.



Ordering Information

DVIO - S - M/L/P 4 - (500h)

h: Height of support


number of isolators

size of isolators

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