DVIA-U Series

Active Vibration Isolation Modular Platform


Active Isolation Technology

DVIA-U series incorporates sensors and actuators with the feedback and feedforward control systems, excellently reduces vibration in 1 - 10 Hz range and achieves fast settling time.

Outstanding Active Vibration Isolation Performance

Live cell imaging 

00:12 Active isolation on with people jumping 

00:30 Active isolation off with people jumping 

00:47 Active isolation on with people jumping 

Modular Architecture Isolation Platform

DVIA-U series is a modular, low-profile platform that can be directly installed under measuring tools of various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, DVIA-U isolators can be integrated into either base or desk platforms. 


Base Platform

DVIA-UB is a base isolation platform with integrated DVIA-U active isolators, designed for tall and heavy metrology tools such as scanning electron microscopes. 


Desk Platform

DVIA-UD is an ergonomic desk isolation platform with integrated DVIA-U active vibration isolators, enables users to sit and perform the most demanding applications comfortably. DVIA-UD can be custom designed to fit specific application dimensions and form factors. In addition, casters and leveling feet are attached on the bottom of the support frame, allowing users to place the desk at desired locations. 

No Air

DVIA-U series does not require air supplies to operate the system. Strong metal springs in the isolator units, not only support heavy payloads but also provide outstanding passive vibration isolation for high frequency vibrations.


DIVA-UB, the active vibration isolation base platform is designed to isolate Scanning Electron Microscopes from floor vibrations in the most cost-effective way. 

Nanoscale imaging with high resolutions

Without DVIA-UB 


As the images above demonstrate, if users encounter getting blurred images because of vibrations, it is necessary to use SEM with DVIA-UB to obtain high resolution images. 


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