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DVIA-T Active Vibration Isolation
DVIA-T Active Vibration Isolation

Isolating Sub-Hertz Vibrations 

DVIA-T is highly effective in isolating ultra-precision instruments from ambient vibrations ranging 1–10 Hz, where the vibration-sensitive precision instruments tend to be unstable and disruptive that cannot produce its optimal results. DVIA-T starts to isolate at 0.5 Hz, delivering 99% vibration isolation at 10 Hz. 

Active Vibration Isolation Mode
Passive Vibration Isolation Mode
Isolating an optical microscope to 50 nm lateral resolution for semiconductor imaging. 


 Active Isolation Mode


Passive Isolation Mode

Isolating a white light interferometer from low frequency vibrations. 

Overcomes Limits of Passive Isolation Systems

The natural frequency of DVIA series is below 0.5 Hz, meaning that DVIA series effectively reduces low frequency vibrations in 1– 5 Hz, where passive isolation systems rather amplify the low frequency vibrations due to its higher natural frequency.

Ultra Stiffness

The active isolation systems are so much stiffer than passive isolation systems, the active isolation platform do not fluctuate like the pneumatic isolation platforms do. The active isolation system sustains its the maximum stiffness and stability; therefore, the top plate of the DVIA-T is resistant to vibrations as the feedback control system reduces the vibrations, ensuring the maximum stiffness and system stability.

It's Simple. Plug and Play!

Just push buttons!

DVIA-T is designed to incorporate a robust plug and play operation system for various applications. The plug & play system allows users to use all functions by simply plugging a power cable into AC power and pressing buttons. 

Real-Time Vibration Monitoring

A front LCD display allows users to monitor real-time vibration levels and a horizontal level.

Feedback & Feed-Forward Control Systems

DVIA Series uses the feedback control system to continuously detect vibrations disturbing an isolated surface and instantaneously react to minimize the vibrations in real-time. The feed-forward system is employed in DVIA Series to filter out floor vibrations in a predefined way.

Control of Vibrations in All Six Degrees of Freedom

Sensors and actuators that are integrated in the active vibration isolators, control vibrations in three translational degrees of motions ( X,Y and Z), and three rotational degrees of motions ( pitch, roll and yaw).

Compact, Lightweight, Portable Design

The smallest model is 420 mm×500 mm×93 mm, which weighs only 25 kg, allowing users to hand carry and install on any place at all. 

Automatic Leveling to Payload Weight

If there are changes in an environment and location or placing other instruments, users can adjust a level of DVIA-T by simply pressing a button. 

No Air

Metal springs are integrated in DVIA-T series as to reduce high frequency vibration and conveniently compressed air is not required.

Active Control Software

With our GUI software and the integrated sensors allow users to monitor real time vibration levels and isolation performance. Furthermore, the software provides the optimized vibration solution by employing the software to tune the feedback and feedforward control systems according to users' instruments weight and environments, if required by users. 


Desk Active Vibration Isolation Platform

DVIA-TD is an ergonomic desk with integrated DVIA-T active systems, offering efficiency, comfort and low frequency vibration isolation performance in the working environment.

DVIA-TD, Active Vibration Isolation
DVIA-TD Active Vibration Isolation


Atomic Force Microscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy 

Optical Microscopy

Confocal Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

High Resolution Microscopy 




Ultra precision scale

Ultra Precision Metrology 

Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T
Active Vibration Isolation DVIA-T

Acoustic Enclosure Option

Tabletop Acoustic Enclosure

DAEIL's acoustic enclosure is specifically designed to provide outstanding acoustic isolation in the nosiest environments for ultra-sensitive metrology instruments. Acoustic noise can critically disturb high-precision microscopes such as AFMs, and with our advanced acoustic isolation layering technology, the acoustic enclosure eliminates acoustic noise from adversely affecting measurement data. When DVIA-T is enclosed with our acoustic enclosure, its vibration isolation performance is maximized.

Vibration Isolation Performance


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