DVIA-P Series

Ultimate Active Vibration Isolation System 


Semiconductor/Display Metrology / Inspection Tools

DVIA-P series is an active pneumatic vibration isolation system, specifically designed to control vibrations for advanced semiconductor and display metrology and inspection tools that are integrated with ultra-precision motorized linear stages. These tools require vibration isolation in the low frequency as well as the ultra-fast settling time. The DVIA-P isolators incorporate extremely sensitive sensors and powerful pneumatic actuators, generating enormous force to counteract incoming vibrations from building floors and tools. 

Features & Benefits

Optimal Vibration Solution for Metrology Tools with Integrated Liner Stages

Based on the analog input and the acceleration data in real time, the stage feedforward control system in DVIA-P series effectively compensates residual vibrations caused by motorized linear stages.





When linear stages travel with large acceleration and mass, large displacement occurs. The acceleration feedback control of DVIA-P Series minimizes the displacement, reducing the settling time and improving the position accuracy of the system. Furthermore, if analogue outputs of the stage position displacement and acceleration that measured in real-time are connected to the controller, the stage feed-forward system can be employed. The SFF system generates a force that is proportional to the stage rotational moment and the stage vibration force, which can reduce the position displacement of the linear stage drastically. 

Rotational Vibration Response Acceleration Curve

Ultra-Fast Settling Time & Excellent Position Accuracy 

The position sensors continuously measure the position of the isolation system and then maintains its the position through a digital signal processor. As a result, the position accuracy of the system is significantly improved. Furthermore, accelerometers instantly detect vibrations originating from the floor or the moving stages, then transmit the digital signals to operate pneumatic actuators to cancel out the vibrations. 

Powerful Pneumatic Actuators to Support Moving Stage Applications

DVIA-P series is inherently stiffer than passive vibration isolation system due to the enormous force generated by the pneumatic actuators.The integrated pneumatic actuators in DVIA-P series generate the significant amount of force to support the semiconductor / display metrology tools with integrated motorized linear stages.

Superior Vibration Isolation Performance in Low Frequency 

DVIA-P isolators incorporate pneumatic actuators and extremely sensitive sensors with feedforward and feedback control systems to maximize vibration isolation performance in 1 - 10 Hz. 

Transmissibility Curve

Smart Control System with A Digital Processor 

A digital controller of DVIA-P series employs a A/D 19-channel 16-bit ad a D/A 10-channel 24-bit D/A converter to obtain synchronous sampling of vibrations. The digital controller controls the system by constantly calculating all sources of vibration, then transmitting signals to drive the pneumatic actuators. 

Feedback & Feed-Forward Algorithms

​Stage Feed-Forward: If the isolation system has information about motorized linear stages in advance, the system can produce the force that equal in size to the force from dynamic linear stage motions in the opposite direction. As a result, the external force caused by the motorized linear stage is effectively minimized.

Acceleration Feedback: This feedback control system employs sensors and actuators to continuously detect vibrations which disturb the isolated payload, then reacts to minimize vibrations. The acceleration feedback system not only reduces from the floor but also effectively minimizes vibrations from the motorized linear stages.

Position Feedback: When the isolated base is disturbed by vibrations, the position feedback measures displacement through position sensors that transmit signals into the digital controller. After receiving the signals from the sensors, the digital controller drives actuators to return its original position, improving the position accuracy. 

Floor Feed-Forward:  The floor feed-forward system filters the floor vibrations in a predefined way. The feed-forward control system is utilized when there are known factors such as a force applied to the isolated base, the data of ambient vibrations and information about equipment that needs to be isolated. Unlike the feedback control system, the feed-forward system analyzes dynamic characteristics of the equipment and tunes the feed-forward gains by the trial and error method to operate the actuators.

Stage Feed-Forward: When the system has information about the linear stages in advance, the system can produce the force that equal in size to the applied force(vibration) to the isolated payload base in the opposite direction. As a result, the applied force created by the linear stage is effectively canceled.


For compatibility with other devices, LED indications, a power switch, two control switches, a serial interface for adjustment and two analogue outputs are located on the front panel of the controller. Four actuator connectors, analogue output connectors and digital input and output connectors (16 bit) are located on the rear panel of the controller.  

Vibration Site Survey & Installation

We do everything for customers. We send out our experienced engineer team to measure all sources of environmental noise. After gathering the vibration data, we analyze the data to design the best vibration isolation system. In general, DVIA-P series is installed under raised floors in semiconductor fabs, requiring technical expertises, therefore, our experienced installation and engineer teams take care of installation and tuning of the isolation system until the customers are satisfied.





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